Disney Channel is a 24-hour channel that offers an unparalleled blend of quality Disney entertainment and originally produced programs that kids love, parents trust and families enjoy. These include Disney's celebrated animated and live action series, as well as movies and blockbusters.

Channel Availability

  • Channel: 120 for Jakarta (digital)
  • Channel: 5 for Jakarta (analog)
  • Channel: 5 for Surabaya (analog)

Today's Schedule

Time Title Description
00:00 The Replacements A Buzzwork Orange
00:30 The Replacements Master Pho / Zoo Or False?
01:00 Stitch! Meega Going To Disneyland!
01:30 Stitch! Stitch Vs. Penny
02:00 The Pink Panther Icy Pink/ The End Of Superpink
02:30 The Pink Panther Mummy Dearest/ Feast Or Famine
03:00 Fish Hooks Merry Fishmas, Milo/ Just One Of The Fish
03:30 Fish Hooks South Pafishic/ Assignment: Babies
04:00 Phineas And Ferb She's The Mayor/The Lemonade Stand
04:30 Phineas And Ferb Got Game?/ Comet Kermillian
05:00 Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Daisy's Pet Project
05:30 Goldie & Bear Abraca Cabbage/ Furry Godmother
06:00 Miles From Tomorrowland The Pluto Rescue / The Taking Of The Solar Express
06:30 Sofia The First Ghostly Gala
07:00 My Friends Tigger & Pooh Darby Gets Lemons, Makes Lemonade/ Dancing With Darby
07:30 Doc Mcstuffins: Toy Hospital Welcome To Mcstuffinsville Part 2
08:00 The Lion Guard Follow That Hippo!
08:30 Upin & Ipin Upin & Ipin
09:30 Phineas And Ferb Phineas And Ferb
10:30 Chip N Dale's Rescue Rangers A Lad In A Lamp
11:00 Boboiboy Wak Ba Ga Ga, At Your Service
11:30 Boboiboy Rob, Robert, & Roberto Santana's Robbery
12:00 Harry & Bunnie Space Center Adventure
12:10 Phineas And Ferb Phineas And Ferb
13:00 The 7D The 7D
13:50 The Owl & Co Spec'Owl Species
14:00 Kid Vs Kat Down The Drain/ 9 To 5 To Oblivion
14:30 Penn Zero: Part-Time Hero Penn Zero: Part-Time Hero
15:00 Haunted Tales Haunted Tales
15:30 Upin & Ipin Upin & Ipin
16:30 The Owl & Co The Owl & Co
17:00 The Oddbods Show Panic Room
17:10 Phineas And Ferb Phineas And Ferb
18:00 Boboiboy The Arsonist
18:30 Boboiboy Boboiboy Fire Ignites!
19:00 The Emperor's New Groove The Emperor's New Groove
20:30 Line Town Line Town
21:00 Girl Meets World Girl Meets Upstate
21:30 Girl Meets World Girl Meets True Maya
22:00 Phineas And Ferb Phineas And Ferb
23:00 Zig & Sharko Zig & Sharko