DIVA Universal is a feel good channel for women all over the world. It's upbeat, lively and optimistic, but at the same time full of emotion, poignancy and warmth. Packed with great drama, uplifting movies and dynamic reality shows, with DIVA Universal, entertainment is a celebration.

Channel Availability

  • Channel: 299 for Jakarta (digital)
  • Channel: 24 for Jakarta (analog)
  • Channel: 24 for Surabaya (analog)

Today's Schedule

Time Title Description
00:10 Bridal Wave
01:45 The Michaels
03:25 Mom's Day Away
05:00 I Do I Do I Do
06:55 Just For Laughs: Gags (S15) Episode 7
07:25 How Do I Look? Asia (S1) Choc
08:20 Home Free (S1) Welcome Holmes
09:10 Home Free (S1) No Place Like Holmes
10:00 Home Free (S1) Holmes Rules
10:50 Home Free (S1) Hammer It Holmes
11:40 Home Free (S1) Holmes Sweet Home
12:30 Home Free (S1) Go Big Or Go Holmes
13:20 Home Free (S1) Long Journey Holmes
14:10 Home Free (S1) Dream Holmes
15:05 Little Big Shots (S1) Little Bruce Lee
16:05 Little Big Shots (S1) Little Piece Of Heavenly
17:05 Little Big Shots (S1) Little Piano Man
18:00 Little Big Shots (S1) Episode 8
19:00 Good Witch (S2) Episode 5
19:55 Just For Laughs: Gags (S15) Episode 8
20:25 The Good Wife (S7) Verdict
21:25 Little Big Shots (S1) Episode 8
22:25 The Terminal