KBS WORLD is a 24-hour general entertainment channel by KBS, the biggest terrestrial TV station in Korea. It is broadcasted in 68 countries worldwide, with English subtitles for 74% of programs. This channel provides Cultural and Documentary programs, latest Drama series, Music and Variety Shows.

Channel Availability

  • Channel: 262 for Jakarta (digital)

Today's Schedule

Time Title Description
00:30 Wook's Food Odyssey
00:40 Wook's Food Odyssey
00:50 Wook's Food Odyssey
01:00 Hello Monster
02:10 Becoming a Billionaire
03:20 Save the Family
04:00 News Plaza
04:30 Korean Cuisine and Dining
05:30 Hello Counselor
06:50 Love on a Rooftop
07:30 Save the Family
08:10 Becoming a Billionaire
09:20 Cheer Up, Mr. Kim!
09:20 A Tale of Two Sisters
10:00 Cheer Up, Mr. Kim!
10:00 A Tale of Two Sisters
10:40 A Tale of Two Sisters
10:40 Cheer Up, Mr. Kim!
11:20 Cheer Up, Mr. Kim!
11:20 A Tale of Two Sisters
11:50 Wook's Food Odyssey
12:00 Hello Monster
13:10 Love on a Rooftop
13:50 KBS World News Today
14:10 Cool Kiz On The Block
15:30 Gag Concert
17:10 A STYLE For You
18:10 The Return of Superman - Best Clip
18:20 Save the Family
19:00 KBS News 9 [LIVE]
19:50 Hello Monster
21:00 Becoming a Billionaire
22:10 Cool Kiz On The Block
23:30 The Jingbirok: A Memoir of Imjin War