Thank you for the opportunity of being the winner of the HBO GOT Ice Dragon Contest. It has been an honor and pleasure trip, even my mom enjoy every moments of it.

The first time First Media's staff calling me and telling that I'm the winner, I was not believing it but that's been happiest moment in my life.

Then the long wait is over, finally its time to go to Singapore. HBO really got everything preparation done nicely and we got goodies, tumbler, notebook, and targaryen's sigil pin *fangirling*.

On the way to Singapore Zoo, we were given the tickets and meal vouchers and it was a lot, HBO Asia is the best! Arriving to Singapore Zoo and Entering the Valley of Myths brought my childish side alive because we can witnessing all mythical creatures that we knew in books, even another additional creature that you didn't know with the explanation also and of course the special Viserion the Ice Dragon Beast was really majestic, the details of the scale, its amazing, not forget to mention there were the Night King also.

Next stop is River Safari, its quite unusual, because I think River Safari is combination between zoo and aquarium and we can see the situation below river with tree roots grow to underwater, lots of freshwater fish and lots of catfishes and other animals. But the special animals from River Safari Zone will be the Panda and Red Panda, they were so cute and fluffy.


I have been grateful for all the trip and experience. Even 3 tiring days of endless walking, but still we were all so happy and having a good time. Well, it was quite a splendid trip, amaze by HBO, also a lot of thanks to First Media for choosing me to be part of the Dragon and Beast Event.


Thank you First Media and HBO Asia.